Hello, Sunshine!!

Where have I been the past week or so? One word: Outside.

The month of March always seems to bring me a slightly nostalgic feeling of simple joy. It’s like I’m suddenly waking from the coma called winter, and I remember how to enjoy the littlest of things. Feels like childhood, if you will.

A drive down the street turns into the Fourth of July, as we endlessly “Oooh” and “Ahhh” over the pink and white blooming trees and bursts of purple and yellow flowers.

I feel a sense of freedom as we all slip out the door without jackets.

Sunshine. Laying in the grass looking for pictures in the clouds. Kicking around a soccer ball in the grass. Frisbee. Tennis ball fetch with the dogs. Playing with a hula hoop on the back patio for an hour. Converse without socks and even – dare I type it – flip flops (yes, I wore them comfortably today!).

S U N S H I N E.

I am overcome with a desire to be outside all day long. Whether we load up the little red wagon and head for the park, hop on our bikes, or just crack a beverage and lounge around in the yard, I’m happy to completely forget we even have a house, much less it’s never-ending list of chores. (Didn’t I just clean that bathroom two weeks ago, anyway? It can wait. Besides I hear germs are actually good for your immune system.)

And once the sun is shining on my face, working outdoors is a welcome responsibility (except, of course, picking up the dog poop). I love gardening, and weeding – in small spurts – is my idea of a good time lately. The kids love it, too – C is actually a decent digger, while Ona likes to look for wiggly worms. We have great plans for a sweet container garden on the deck, planting in the next week or so. (I’m thinking cherry tomatoes and snap peas, any other locals have suggestions?)

This year we are very excited to be trying our first hummingbird feeders, thanks to our dear Nana and Papa for sending us the goods. Hope to soon have some cool pics to share of our small and speedy feathered friends!

Oh, and because of the sunshine, we are able to enjoy our cool solar lights again! They’ve been dormant and dark with the rest of the world the past few months, but now are full of sparkling light ‘til the wee hours. I tried to take a picture for you, but it didn’t do them justice. Take my word for it – they are neat-o.

Did I mention the SUN?? Because I really do enjoy me some sunshine. In case you hadn’t picked up on that. And our hot little rock-star fireball is back in all its yellow glory, from wake-up to bedtime (at least the kids). Except when it’s cloudy or rainy, which it still is at times, but it’s so much better. I can’t even tell you.

Here’s to warm, bright days ahead for all …







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