On Weeds


[I admit: I really like watching television, especially on Netflix or Hulu (less commercial interruptions). Everyone needs a show or two (or 29) that entertain, amuse and provide a well-deserved escape from our regular scheduled programming. Used introspectively and in moderation, TV watching, like everything else in life, can be a valuable tool in making our own choices. We can learn from the mistakes of the bumbling idiot Homer-types, bask in the wisdom of Carol Brady-like moms, and protect the world from vampires and demons with the naturally buff ones such as, well, Buffy. So, that’s why I’m talking about the boob tube here today, and probably will again in the future.]



If anyone can make me feel a little better about my parental ability, it’s Nancy Botwin.

Weeds Season 8 is on Netflix and I’m two episodes in. I have to say, Ms. Nancy usually irritates the crap out of me. I often wondered if the show would be better off without her, because I really like most of the other characters much better (the poor saps).

But as she lay lifeless in a drug-induced coma, nursing the bullet wound in her head, I was surprised to discover I missed her. It was kind of a Duh moment, when I realized, Of course! She is the classic love-to-hate persona. What would the show be if we didn’t have our beloved anti-heroine to judge, despise, laugh at, and, yes, even root for at times?

Her selfish, depraved, insane choices in life make me feel a bit better about my own little mishaps. “Well, at least I’m not a drug-dealing, sex-addicted egomaniac, and my kids haven’t killed anybody yet. We’re doing OK,” I can say.

So I was happy when she was up and about by the second episode, and even welcomed her new Pollyanna-esque view on life. My heart was as warmed as anyone else’s when she thoughtfully gift-wrapped and shared her special cookies with the hospital patients at no charge. This defies the very essence of her being. What charity! What pureness of heart! I mean, as much as giving away free pot-filled baked goods to the terminally ill can be.

It’s easy to enjoy her adorable little attack of conscience because (I’m calling it!), it won’t last. She’ll be faced with some tough choice later on in the season, and pick (anyone??): Nancy.

But let’s move on to a few other themes. I’m wondering about Shane’s sudden affection for the police academy. This could be a good thing for him or an extremely dangerous, horrible thing for everyone else. His instability continues to worry me.

Doug continues in his role as a humorous distraction to the ridiculousness of the Botwin clan, but did anyone else find his coma-groping a tad creepy? I know, of all the things in the show to bother me, and yet, it did.

Andy. Oh, Andy. Nancy’s sister? Could anything be more cliché and doomed for failure than this? As my favorite character, I feel for you, man. Part of me wishes you’d stayed in Copenhagen where you seemed mildly happy and somewhat free from the madness; the other part is having a hard time looking away from the car crash.

And the little infomercial for the vagina weight? Priceless. I’d like to say I didn’t Google it, but …

The S&M is new for Silas … are we to assume he’s now an in-control grown-up manly man? Okie doke. Mostly I’m just glad he’s blond again.

Ahhhh, Botwins. It’s so good to have you back.


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