Work it out

Want a great tip for getting more exercise?? I wear work-out clothes almost every day in the hopes I might get a free minute to jump on the elliptical. It’s nice to be prepared to do a few lunges or crunches at the drop of a hat, really helps me fit more activity into my …

OK, OK, fine. I’m totally lying to myself. And now to you. Sorry about that.

It’s true, I do wear sweats pretty much all the time. But not because it makes me more likely to get my Downward Facing Dog on, no matter what I may try to trick my brain into believing. It’s because they’re comfortable, dammit. And I really like being comfortable.

Throwing on my standard uniform of black yoga pants and a tank top under a nice, big, cozy fleece is one of the few perks of stay-at-home-dom. Why on earth would I bother with complicated things like zippers or buttons or a bra, for goodness sake, to taxicab kids to and from school, prepare endless arrays of tiny snacks, build an army of Lego Transformers,  and sing The Moon Song for the millionth time. For real.

(It’s along the same vein as the concept of making one’s bed. WHY? You are just going to sleep there again in a matter of hours. Possibly less if you sneak in a nap. Just straighten the sheets and pull up the comforter. Done.)

I know, I know – there is a middle ground. I could figure out a way to be both stylish and comfy. Absolutely. And some days, I find that perfect blend. And it is awesome. Puts me on a high for days. (Also, I usually wear that same clothing combo for days … which kind of kills the effect.)

But most days, I just congratulate myself for remembering to brush my teeth and put on deodorant before leaving the house. I applaud the fact that I planned out meals for the week before going grocery shopping so I don’t have to try to put together dinners based on my mood at the time (hmmm … what to make with organic chard, basil pesto and a container of peanut butter chocolate chunk ice cream?).

I am happy I managed to write one blog in 5 days.

One kind of short, rather abruptly ended blog.

Yay, me!


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