Haiku Kung Fu

217399715_765a5b4256A shower waiting

’til workout is done sometimes

means days of dry stink.



Welcome to Haiku Kung Fu!

Sometimes I have a profound little realizations that I’d like to share, but they are so simple there’s not much room for elaboration. So I thought I’d try putting these thoughts into haiku form, to boost the fun factor.

Kung fu actually means “any study, learning, or practice that requires patience, energy, and time to complete” (Wikipedia), not just the Western association to martial arts. I know, one is Japanese and the other Chinese, but I like the idea of drawing from different cultures. (Maybe I’ll try one in [very basic] Spanish! Ooooh, an edition of Spanish Haiku Kung Fu … loving it.)

But, it still sounds a little bad ass. And it rhymes. Haiku Kung Fu. Enough said. Enjoy. (I think I will also benefit greatly from the practice of brevity in this project.)


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